Russian Natural Products has released the potential of pure Siberia nature for human health. Manufacturing plant is located in Novosibirsk practically in the Siberia Heart. Altai Mountains, Like Baikal, Siberia Taiga are very close; we have grown accustomed to monitoring and understanding the Siberia environment very closely. As a result of this intimate relationship, we have been able to develop a unique range of bioactive ingredients with superior functionality.

   RNP's modern freezing and vacuum drying equipment provides an aseptic processing medium without thermal stress to preserve the valuable ingredients in their natural and active form. Cold pressing process being effluent-free and not involving any use of chemicals, the facility meets with the most stringent criteria for environmental compliance and plant safety. The unique technology attributes also help guarantee that the best possible standards can be met in terms of product purity and product safety.

   Stocking up of raw materials takes place in ecologically clear places of West and East Siberia. In our raw material sourcing, we take close care of not disturbing the sensitive Siberia environment. Working together with qualified suppliers who best understand the requirements of sustainable cultivation and harvesting we help maintain harmony between man and nature.

   Company working in a close co-operations with leader researching Siberian nature: an Organic Chemistry Institute of the Science Academy Siberian branch and Central Siberian botanical garden. Every time Russian Natural Products is searching for new perspective natural ingredients on the market we are committed to seeking and implementing newest knowledge in our product development, manufacturing practices and clinical testing. Our experts helps provide our customers with new solutions to meet the demand of the health-conscious consumer of today. Expert and friend of the company is a "medicine hunter" - Kris Kilham.

   To ensure premium and consistent quality of our products we maintain close links with the entire raw material supply chain from cultivators and collectors. All procedures from raw material inspection to in-process material analyses to finished product quality are based on standardized analytical techniques. Selected for production raw materials are tightly tested on quality. Content of acting components is defining by highly effective chromatography method. High hygienic standards are maintained in all procedures involving a contact with plant material. Our employees are qualified and licensed for handling and processing foodstuffs Operations. Basic plants, that company use for ingredients production are Sea-buckthorn, Bilberry, Cranberry, Red whortleberry, Rhodiola rose, Schizandra Chinese, Rhaponticum carthamoides, Birch, also Siberian deer unossified antlers, Shelf fungus, Honey.

   Company's management efficiently works up any request and provides optimal logistic scheme of the over the world delivery. Russian Natural Products are oriented on long-term mutually profitable partnership with all those, who is interested in real natural products and highly rates quality and stability.