Siberia makes up a great part of Russia's territory, covering about 10 million square meters. It is one of the last wildernesess of the Earth where wild, untouched nature has been preserved. One can admire there, a wide variety of strikingly beautiful landscapes: the clean rivers, lakes, forests, ancient Siberian taiga and fantastic mountains offer a resort for a plentiful flora, more than 2500 medicinal plants and berries grow in Siberia, most of them consisting of rarities and specialties not found anywhere else.

   Since the establishment of the company in 2001, Russian Natural Products has focused on the research of Siberian plant species in view of their value for human health and well-being. Dedicated work has resulted not only in new, richer sources of well-known bioactive, but also in completely new product concepts. RNP presents a range of unique active ingredients for personal care, is continuously enriched by newly discovered attributes of Plant Kingdom of the Siberia.